You can get pyCave 0.95 from here:

Linux version

Windows Version comming soon. Older beta 0.91 at:
Windows version

Note for Windows users.
It is very possible that the executable will refuse to run with a dialog saying that the configuration is incorrect.
Please install the included vcredist_x86.exe. It is a Microsoft runtime. This won't be an issue as soon as I write an installer.

If you like, you can get pyCave from svn:

$ svn co


If you are on Windows, everything you need is the zip file.

Known bugs

Sometimes the ship has some weird subtle jerking motions.


pyCave is known not to work on intel integrated cards. It will work on Nvidia or ATI cards that are reasonably recent. They must support the frambuffer object extension. pyCave uses around 60mb of RAM.

If you have troubles with pyCave, please send me an email explaining the problem so I can fix it. See the 'Contact' page.